When can we deliver?2020-07-24T01:40:32+02:00

If your product is in stock when you call us, we can react very quickly. If we have to “launch” a manufacturing, we need to take into account the industrial restrictions changing from a product to the other. Please, don’t hesitate to ask us.

Can I order any quantity of one product?2020-07-03T10:30:41+02:00

In order to offer a competitive cost, our products industrialization requires minimum quantities depending on the product. However, if the product you are looking for is in stock, we can deliver you by pallet.

How can I be sure of the quality of a production?2020-07-03T11:23:06+02:00

At Embalforme, your satisfaction is our priority. Added to our intern validations procedures, we make you validate each step before the launch of the production : design proof, protoype. We define together a range of defaults you chose to accept or not.

What is the minimum amount of orders for coloured accessories?2020-07-24T01:42:15+02:00

As of 10 000 pieces, Embalforme can offer you caps, lids and droppers of the colour you wish.

What are the conditions to produce a custom-made cosmetic packaging?2020-07-03T11:27:33+02:00

Using the realisation of a luxuous cosmetic jar 50ml custom-made as an example, we support you during the technical development. In your planning, plan a timing for the manufacturing of a mold as well as its integration in our production planning. The minimum quantities required to launch the manufacturing are 30 000 to 50 000 pieces depending on the type of product. To optimise this developing time, think from the beginning of the accessory you want to use with it. Using our experience, we consider it takes generally 6 months from the idea to the final product.

How many colours can I put in a glass container?2020-07-03T11:29:34+02:00

You can plan up to 4 basis colours and one hot foil. This last one can be in gold or in a metal colour.

What is the difference between the PCR glass and the PIR glass?2020-07-03T11:42:39+02:00
  • In both cases, it is recycled glass used to manufacture your cosmetic jars and bottles. The PCR glass is the result of the merger of glass with recycled glass coming from out of the company. At the contrary, PIR merges glass with glass wastes related to the company with glass.
How to optimise the use of droppers?2020-07-24T01:46:29+02:00

When the ring of the bottle enables it (eg ring 24/410), we can integrate a wiper in the neck of the cosmetic bottle. When the dropper is taken out of its cosmetic bottle, there is no risk for any drop to fall.

What is the minimum amount of orders for a coloured glass packaging?2020-07-24T01:37:46+02:00

The varnishing of the container in the colour of your choice can be done as of 5 000 pieces. This varnishing is a water painting respecting the environment. However, unless you decide to produce more than 300 000 pieces since the beginning, you won’t be able to chose a process of distillation direct into the material.

Does our company realise any compatibility tests?2020-07-24T01:48:07+02:00

Embalforme does not realise this type of test; however, our commercial and technical teams are here to advise you to following the right direction.

What is the best flow restrictor for your bottles?2024-03-11T12:36:37+01:00


Founded in 1992, Embalforme specializes in manufacturing and distributing cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging. Our team of professionals has the expertise to shape glass, plastic, and metal to create various types of packaging. We offer our clients a wide range of pots, tubes, and bottles. We can customize the design and color of our products according to customer requirements. In addition to containers, we also design caps, nozzles, flow restrictors for bottles (also known as dropper inserts), and much more.

An order taken care of by Embalforme

When a customer uses our services, we do everything to satisfy them. Our team listens to their needs. If the customer already has a precise idea of the packaging they need, we quickly get to work.

However, if you are not yet convinced about the type of packaging that best suits your product, our experts are at your disposal. As creators of packaging solutions, we know the advantages and disadvantages of each type of container. We can advise you on the one you need and indicate if you need a particular cosmetic closure accessory or a flow restrictor for bottles. We help you choose the material to use. Before starting production on a model in series, we always make a prototype. If it meets your expectations, we manufacture the quantity you need and deliver them to you as soon as possible.

It is also worth noting that we master several finishing techniques to decorate and embellish containers. Before a product leaves our factories, we subject it to strict quality control. This working method has earned us the loyalty of many professional customers in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

Embalforme’s closure accessories

The packaging provided by Embalforme is complete. In addition to the container, we also produce suitable lids and accessories. Regarding pots, we have a wide range of metal and plastic cosmetic lids. They can be complemented by a polystyrene seal if necessary. These lids also have a decorative role. Regardless of the material we use, we can give them the color you want. We can even color the metal if that is your desire.

As for bottles, the closures we use are varied. There are basic polypropylene caps. Black, white, gold, or metallic, the choice of color is yours. They can be covered with aluminum caps, smooth or striated. Their tightness is exceptional. Next come the droppers with a push-button or nipple. They all have a pipette made of stretched glass and a carefully finished skirt.

For tubes, we have caps in red, black, purple, or white. There are also classic, flip-top, peelable, tamper-evident, or metal-capped capsules. We also fulfill specific orders according to your requests.

A flow restrictor for a bottle

A flow restrictor or reducer is placed on the opening of a bottle container to prevent external impurities from coming into contact with the product it contains. The restrictor allows for a finer flow, held in place by the container’s upper walls. The restrictor is covered by a lid or bottle cap. Generally, bottle reducers (also called dropper inserts) are made of polypropylene, giving them their rigidity. Unlike seals, which are glued to the opening, the restrictor is detachable.

At Embalforme, with over 25 years of expertise in packaging, we know how to manufacture all accessories. We even make flat or spoon-shaped spatulas for mixing cosmetic creams. They are available in white or transparent and perfectly complement our pots.

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How to choose the cap for your bottles?2024-03-11T12:27:18+01:00


Generally, glass bottles are perceived as luxury packaging. Therefore, careful attention must be paid to the caps used. Besides sealing a container, this accessory has other equally important roles. At Embalforme, we manufacture bottle caps in various sizes, colors, and materials. We meticulously craft their exterior appearance to maintain the quality of the products they are intended for.

**Embalforme Group**

Embalforme specializes in cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging for over 25 years. We serve numerous professionals in these industries. Over our existence, we have developed a wide range of standard and custom pots, tubes, bottles, and also cosmetic closure accessories. In pursuit of customer satisfaction, we continuously seek innovative and reliable packaging solutions. Our ISO-certified factories and experienced teams produce top-quality packaging. We master all finishing techniques to personalize or enhance our products.

Not only do we refine the shape of our packaging, but we also give top priority to manufacturing lids for pots and bottle caps. By harnessing new technologies and applying them to the most appropriate materials, a wide range of caps suitable for all container models is produced.

**The Importance of Caps**

The primary role of a bottle cap is to ensure the safety of the contents so that they do not spill. However, some products emit gases. Therefore, the container’s lid must be designed to allow for their release while preserving the integrity of the content.

In addition to keeping the container sealed, the cap also facilitates the use of the product. It serves as the dispenser of the container. This is the case, for example, with dropper caps, bottle reducers, and service caps. Thanks to these droppers, you can easily measure the quantity to be used and avoid waste.

The cap also plays an aesthetic role. In today’s competitive market, product effectiveness alone is not enough to retain customers. It is also necessary to focus on image and proximity to the customer. Poor-quality packaging significantly devalues a product. Furthermore, the more original the container, the more attention it attracts. In this case, why settle for innovating only on the bottle shape? You also have the possibility of having exceptional caps. With our expertise, we create unique models for you.

**Embalforme Bottle Caps**

We manufacture different types of bottle caps at Embalforme. Basic models are made of polypropylene. Their size corresponds to common rings such as Europa 4, 5, or 6 as well as GCMI 24/410, 18/415, or 28/410. Even for the simplest shapes, we can still add a decorative touch. For example, instead of traditional black or white, you can have a golden-colored cap. Some models are flat, and others are round.

Just like the caps, dropper caps can also be grooved, covered with a metal cap, or simply smooth. They have stretched glass pipettes with round, elongated, or conical tips. The top can be in the form of a push-button or nipple. The length of the pipette and the size of the cap vary according to the bottle.

In addition to these standard models, we also accept specific orders. We can imprint your logo on all caps, even the smallest ones. In terms of finishing, we do enamel decorations, pad printing, and metallization. We also carry out traditional lacquering, screen printing, and hot stamping. We can customize your accessories according to your needs. Feel free to contact us. We will make sure to realize your ideas and offer you packaging that meets your expectations.

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Specializing in packaging manufacturing since 1992, Embalforme supports professionals in designing the best packaging solutions for cosmetic products. With over twenty years of experience, we master the manufacturing techniques and finishing systems necessary to produce quality packaging. In addition to our jars, bottles, tubes, and airless containers, we offer metal cosmetic lids to ensure the protection of your products from external aggressions.

**Entrust the Production of Your Lids to the Embalforme Group**

Whether custom-made or standard, in small or large series, our experts in cosmetic closure accessories manufacturing are at your disposal. To ensure the quality of our packaging, we work with ISO-certified factories and with Albéa for tube production. Many professionals trust us for our expertise, including Laboratories Labcatal, Laboratoire Gibro, Omega Pharma, Académie Scientifique de Beauté, Jean d’Estrées, and Septodont.

Our team is attentive and responsive to all your requests. We can advise you on your project and personalize your orders using our cosmetic lid engraving solution according to your imagination.

With a sense of organization, we always proceed in stages. The first step is to analyze your needs: shape, dimensions, color, budget, delivery time. We then develop the technical plan for production and create a prototype before starting production of prototypes and series. Once production is complete, we carry out finishing touches (polishing, screen printing, lacquering, hot stamping, enamel decoration, pad printing, and metallization). The perfection of our lids is guaranteed, as each of our items must undergo meticulous quality control before being stocked and delivered.

**Embalforme’s Metal Cosmetic Lids**

Embalforme offers professionals a wide range of lids for cosmetic jars. We have 60/400 metal-capped lids in various colors as well as models in black and white or in color. They are ideal for your Premium jars. Made with PP plastic, they are robust.

We also offer a range of flat lids with formats 40/400, 48/400, and 58/400. These models are available in metal, black, white, or even in color. To ensure their strength, we manufacture them with thermosetting plastic and then cover them with aluminum. The same goes for the caps of our bottles with our 24/410 format rings or 18/415 screw caps.

However, if you want to create unique closures consistent with your brand and your desires, we also offer a customized solution.

**Technical and Marketing Functions of Lids**

From a technical point of view, the lid protects the contents of your cosmetic jars from all possible external aggressions. It prevents the penetration of heat, cold, light, air, or even dust that could degrade your beauty product. Thanks to the lid, your product is unlikely to spill during transportation.

In addition to the protective function of the lid, it can be a vector of information about the product: the brand logo or the expiration date, for example. With a personalized lid, it can thus become a means for the consumer to easily recognize your brand. To further satisfy you, we offer a lid solution adapted to your jar regardless of its threading.

**Other Products from Embalforme**

Our specialists develop a wide range of cosmetic packaging. In addition to our lids, we have various other high-performance packaging and accessories:

Bottles: in thick glass, lightweight or stretched glass, standard plastic, metal, and tube pump
Jars: in thick glass, transparent standard, metal, square or round in thick plastic, terrine pots, and stackable pots
– Airless containers: clip-on aluminum, push-button, with cap, and airless pots
Tubes: laminated or plastic
Accessories: roll-on tips, droppers, bottle reducers, seals, spatulas…

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Cosmetic bottle caps and sealing accessories: What choices?2024-03-11T11:06:55+01:00


Embalforme has been providing packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries since 1992. We continuously develop new techniques to shape glass, plastic, and metal. We have also designed a wide range of cosmetic closure accessories tailored to all our containers. To materialize our clients’ ideas, we utilize our expertise, creativity, and responsiveness.

**Embalforme Seals**

A seal ensures proper closure of a container and prevents external dirt from coming into contact with the contents. Embalforme seals can be used for this purpose. We design seals for all possible jar sizes.

**Embalforme Droppers**

Droppers for bottles are also very useful. They facilitate product extraction and prevent wastage. These recyclable droppers made by Embalforme all feature a transparent stretched glass pipette that makes it easy to gauge the amount extracted from the vial. Depending on their intended use, these cosmetic closure accessories have rounded, elongated, or conical tips. They can also be tipless. Naturally, the length of the pipette adjusts to that of the accompanying bottle.

Containers equipped with droppers no longer need caps. Hence, we pay particular attention to the shape and finish of our caps. Some are discreetly white or black, while others are colored. There are even models in aluminum or metallic or golden colors. The top can be presented as a push-button or teat, depending on the customer’s demand.

**Cosmetic Bottle Caps**

Originally, Embalforme bottle caps are made of polypropylene or thermosetting plastic. We design caps suitable for each type of bottle neck and thread. We have metal-capped models (aluminum and polypropylene) and others made of smooth or grooved plastic.

Regarding color, you have the choice between white, classic black, gold, and many more. All our caps provide exceptional tightness, whether the bottle is glass, metal, or plastic. And we can complement the bottle and cap with a flow restrictor.

**Lids for Cosmetic Jars**

The primary function of a cosmetic cap, whether in metal or plastic, is to close the jar. The models offered by Embalforme are resistant, durable, and of good quality, ensuring the sealing of the packaging. They also serve as decoration for the packaging. That’s why we constantly search for new techniques to refine their finish. For their manufacture, we generally use polypropylene or thermosetting plastic. The difference between each cap lies in their finishing. Our mastery of metal colorization allows us to expand the color choices for metal-capped ones. There are even transparent caps like those accompanying our airless jars.

**Caps and Sleeves for Cosmetic Tubes**

For the design of caps for cosmetic tubes, we collaborate with Albéa. In our catalog, we have standard, flip-top, tamper-evident, and metal-capped caps. Some are even compatible with seals. If none of the models we offer suits you, we can personalize them in special orders. Our sleeves, on the other hand, are available in several colors: yellow, red, purple, black, and white.

It is worth noting that all our cosmetic closure accessories have a very aesthetic appearance. Take, for example, the screw-on polypropylene cap covered with a metal cap. Its sleek design gives it a more classic look than other models. We can personalize it by engraving your company logo.

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24/410 Ring

Embalforme Group was established in 1992. We create packaging tailored to the needs of professionals in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. The number of clients who trust us attests to our expertise and the quality of our services. We work with various materials and have the necessary equipment to produce different types of containers. Particularly concerning bottles, we handle glass, metal, and plastic adeptly. Therefore, we manufacture bottles of all sizes with all possible neck sizes, such as the 24/410 neck size, for example. Simultaneously, we produce accessories suitable for these containers. These include reducers for bottles or droppers made from recyclable materials. Our droppers also fit bottles with 18/415 neck sizes.

**Embalforme’s Expertise**

In the cosmetic industry, packaging is the ultimate marketing tool. It serves to convey the company’s brand image and is one of the elements that sets the product apart from competitors in the same category. For us, our clients work with us to design bottles that suit their needs.

When a client contacts us, our team listens to them attentively. Together, we determine the type of packaging they envision. Our experts provide advice and assist in refining the concept. Once this phase is completed, we establish a technical plan for the production of the ordered packaging and create a prototype. Whether it’s a custom or standard model, we always produce prototypes before starting mass production. This allows the client to know in advance if the container suits them or not.

Given the importance of packaging, we pay particular attention to decorations. We have perfected various finishing techniques such as screen printing, hot stamping, pad printing, etc. Also, to perfect our containers, we also manufacture the accompanying accessories. There are cosmetic closure accessories suitable for our jars and 24/410 neck sizes or other sizes of our bottles.

**Bottles with 24/410 Neck Size**

We produce bottles in various formats using different materials. For example, in thick glass, our models of 30 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml, and 150 ml all have a 24/410 neck size. They highlight their contents with their high base. You can order them transparent or colored according to your needs.

In plastic, we manufacture eclipse or round bottles, opaque or transparent, white or amber with a 24/410 neck size. We use polypropylene and polyethylene. The capacity varies between 125 ml, 200 ml, and 250 ml.

Similarly, our aluminum bottles are available with different neck sizes. We have sizes ranging from 90 mm to 238 mm in height and volumes from 20 ml to 1 liter. The neck thread is a screw thread to facilitate closure with a cap.

**Accessories Adapted to 24/410 Neck Sizes**

In our wide range of bottle caps, we have several models suitable for 24/410 neck sizes. Polypropylene capped aluminum is one of our flagship products. Simple and elegant, it adorns the container very well. Moreover, it can accommodate your brand logo. Our grooved cap provides a better grip and facilitates bottle opening. There is also the smooth model with a domed top, very aesthetic as well. These bottles can be supplemented with bottle reducers. These droppers allow for a decrease in flow rate.

After caps come roll-on tips. There are all sizes available, suitable for both small 10 ml bottles and large 100 ml models. They come with metal or plastic balls according to your choice. The larger models can even have three balls.

Lastly, there are droppers. All our models can be adapted to the neck size you choose. Their pipettes are all made of stretched glass. Droppers with a push-button have a white, gold, metallic, or aluminum cap. Those with a teat have a black, white, gold, or metal-capped cap. Their tips vary depending on the intended uses. They can be round, conical, or elongated.

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Embalforme is a specialist in packaging. Since 1992, we have been manufacturing a wide range of packaging for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. We design accessories that complement these containers. We work with different types of materials, allowing us to vary the shapes, materials, and characteristics of our containers to meet your requirements. In addition to the packaging we have in our catalog, we also fulfill special orders.

Embalforme Jars

The Premium range includes all the superior quality jars we create. Made from thick glass, these containers showcase cosmetic products.

Our standard glass jars can be transparent or lacquered.

Some brands seek metal-capped jars for aesthetic or marketing positioning reasons. Our company manufactures two types, made of glass or polypropylene and coated with aluminum. As coloring aluminum is one of our specialties, you can have jars with vibrant shades if desired.

Embalforme Bottles

Like jars, Embalforme bottles are available in standard glass and thick glass. You can obtain the latter in colored or transparent versions. Our cosmetic packaging company also shapes stretched glass to create thin containers of various sizes.

Apart from glass, we work with plastic. Some of our bottles have a basic white color, while others mimic amber lacquered glass. Our metal containers are made of aluminum, ranging in size from 20 ml to 1 liter.

Airless bottles are among our flagship products. They preserve their contents from any external pollution. Indeed, air does not enter inside, reducing the risk of oxidation. We have airless bottles with push caps, caps, or clip-on tops.

Embalforme Tubes

Regarding the manufacturing of cosmetic tubes, we work on two types. The first are made of coextruded polyethylene. We prefer recycled materials to better preserve the environment. The second type is laminated tubes manufactured using a special process that gives them a better appearance and a comfortable grip.

Since consumers appreciate tube packaging for its convenience, we have developed several types of applicators to facilitate its use. According to your needs, in partnership with Albéa, the world’s number one in tube manufacturing, we manufacture pump nozzles, domed nozzles, cannulas, etc.

We also offer various types of massage applicators. The first is the Wellness brush, which scrubs and stimulates the skin. This cosmetic tube applicator is very suitable for foot care. The second type is the roll-on with plastic or metal balls. Even the smallest tubes can have a matching roll-on. For better product application, two models are available: Ellipse Triball and Round Triball.

Embalforme Accessories

As for accessories, our cosmetic packaging company manufactures customized caps and lids for jars and bottles. Regardless of the material used, we can always give it the color you want.

In addition to lids, we design seals. We also have droppers and reducers for bottles. These droppers allow users to dose the amount of product to use properly. The length of the droppers adapts to that of the accompanying vial.

With jars, we offer to provide a spatula for customers to limit the introduction of impurities. The models we offer are flat or curved, in the shape of a small or large spoon.

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At Embalforme, when we take on a new order, we fully invest ourselves in it. We ensure that your project becomes ours. In order to complement our packaging solutions, we have developed a wide range of applicators for tubes that we manufacture. This initiative was made in collaboration with the leading international manufacturer of tubes and applicators: Albéa.

Why partner with Albéa?

Embalforme constantly seeks innovative and reliable cosmetic packaging solutions. Recognizing Albéa’s experience and expertise in tubes and applicators, we have chosen to partner with them for this branch of our business. Albéa is indeed one of the global leaders in the manufacture of tubes and affiliated accessories.

Cosmetic tubes and Albéa applicators are distinguished by their practicality. The brand has received the “Plastic Tube of the Year” award for one of its products equipped with a roll-on. It has developed specific applicators for each cosmetic product. The factories are ISO certified. The combined expertise of our two companies gives us the technicality needed to meet the needs of our clients.

Classic applicator tips

Embalforme relies on a wide variety of applicators for tubes. Here are a few examples:

– Cannulas are one of the best applicator tips for cosmetic packaging. The narrow opening allows for very precise application of the content.
– Some applicator tips help control the quantity to be used and precisely target the desired area. This tip is very suitable for anti-wrinkle creams.
– The beveled Lip-stick applicator has an ergonomic shape that facilitates the application of a product on the lips or around the eyes.
– The dome tube, as the name suggests, is dome-shaped. It allows for easy application of cream on the body. The mini dome tube offers the same advantages but is intended for application on smaller areas.

Each of these applicators comes with a cap to prevent the content from leaking. Always in partnership with Albéa, we produce different types of caps, ranging from classic to flip-top. There are also other models compatible with seals and those that are tamper-evident.

Massage tips

Cosmetic product users particularly appreciate massage tips for several reasons. Firstly, they offer the possibility of not getting one’s hands dirty with the product. Simply rub the tube on the skin and the tip spreads the content. If the latter is intended for a small surface, the size of the tip will be adapted accordingly, thus avoiding product waste. Only the necessary quantity comes out of the tube.

Embalforme sells many types of massage tips, including the roll-on and the Wellness brush. The latter allows for both scrubbing the skin and stimulating it. It is perfectly suited for foot care. As for the roll-on, in addition to manufacturing them in different sizes, some contain three plastic or metal balls according to your preferences: the Ellipse Triball and the Round Triball.

Pumps and spatulas

The pump tube limits air entry into the bottle. This reduces the risk of oxidation and allows for better preservation of the product. The amount that comes out does not exceed what is necessary. Additionally, with our pump tube bottle, you get an ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) shell. Its transparency is coupled with a magnifying effect, which enhances the packaging.

If you have an innovative product to package in tubes but none of our applicators suits you, we can manufacture custom cosmetic tubes. We mobilize, for this purpose, all our expertise to imagine and design the most suitable packaging.

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What are the different sizes and materials possible for cosmetic packaging?2024-03-06T17:09:55+01:00


For over 20 years, the Embalforme group has continuously perfected its technique in manufacturing and distributing packaging for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. We offer the cosmetic packaging solution tailored to your product, your brand, and your personality. Our catalog already features a wide variety of containers, but we also provide you with competent and customized service. Whether it’s jars, bottles, tubes, or accessories, we take care of meeting your demands regardless of the quantity and complexity.

A Group in Constant Evolution

Since 1992, the three companies Embalforme, Aberconcept, and Embaltec, under the banner of the Embalforme group, have professionally applied the manufacturing technique for cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging. Over the years, we have developed our expertise in processing glass or plastic as well as various finishing systems.

Our cosmetic packaging company has state-of-the-art production tools. Combined with our know-how and the creativity of our team, these tools enable us to find reliable and among the most innovative solutions on the market. We also provide relevant advice to showcase your products. Indeed, the choice of packaging for your cosmetic products is crucial and must meet a precise marketing strategy. We are by your side to successfully carry out this mission by focusing our actions on criteria such as stability and compatibility with the formula, brand identity, user ergonomics, regulatory compliance, and cost control.

Jars, a Versatile Container

At Embalforme, we produce various types of jars adapted to your cosmetic or pharmaceutical products. These cosmetic packages come in different sizes and have been manufactured in different materials.

  • Thick glass jars “classic deluxe” have a smooth transparent wall that avoids impurity deposits. The loupe effect design of these models allows for the enhancement of the content. For aesthetic purposes, these jars can be paired with lids.
  • Standard glass jars with a transparent or lacquered appearance are available in 3 dimensions according to your choice.
  • Metal-capped jars are silver, gold, or colored according to your preference. They can be matched with a plastic or glass lid.
  • Square plastic jars of thick gauge stand out for their aesthetic appeal. The integrated lid enhances the value of the packaging.
  • Airless for Your Cosmetic Products

We offer different models, including clip-on aluminum airless, push-button, with cap, or airless jars. Regardless of the type, they ensure optimized protection against external pollutants. Airless bottles are available in several capacities and colors. Clip-on models from this line are perfectly airtight. The piston allows for efficient product dispensing. This packaging is suitable for liquid products such as lotions.

Bottles as a Packaging Solution

As a cosmetic packaging supplier, we also offer various types of bottles. In addition to serving as containers for your products, these items also provide the best marketing support for your brand. Our catalog includes thick glass bottles, lightweight glass bottles, stretched glass bottles, standard plastic bottles, metal bottles, with pumps, or even jars or tubes. They are available in different capacities and shapes (round, oval, or oblong). These container models are highly sought after in the perfume industry.


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Cosmetic packaging supplier, who are we?2024-03-06T12:24:49+01:00


Embalforme has been producing cosmetic bottles and jars since 1992. Over our 26 years of existence, our group has designed a wide range of products in various materials. Thanks to our mastery of production techniques, we have the ability to create any type of container for our clients. We also produce accessories compatible with these containers.

Who are we?

Embalforme, a glass bottle manufacturer, is a group specialized in designing and manufacturing packaging solutions. We produce cosmetic and pharmaceutical containers according to our clients’ requirements. Our team is both qualified and responsive. We are constantly listening to you and advising you on the choice of the most suitable material for your packaging needs.

Never shying away from any challenge, we mobilize all our expertise and the performance of our factories to bring your ideas to life. To satisfy our clients, we even carry out finishing operations. For example, we practice sandblasting, hot stamping, screen printing, lacquering, pad printing, and many more techniques. Some of our luxury glass bottles even benefit from enamel decorations.

In addition to jars and bottles, we also produce tubes. To do this, we collaborate with Albéa, the European and global leader in tube manufacturing. By working with us, you can benefit from our experience and easily stand out from your competitors. Many professionals in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries collaborate with us for the quality of our products.

Materials Used

Embalforme provides cosmetic bottles in glass suitable for all uses. We have containers, transparent or colored, in various thicknesses of glass. Their volume ranges from 10 to 1000 ml, but we can make them smaller or larger if necessary.

The plastic bottles designed by Embalforme are either transparent, opaque, or opalescent. We use polyethylene and polypropylene as needed. We have classic models, round or oval, as well as oblong shapes (eclipse). Sometimes, glass and plastic are not suitable for the client’s requirements. Thus, we also market cosmetic bottles made of metal. With a volume ranging from 20 to 1000 ml, these containers are multi-purpose.

Some Examples of Our Bottles

The premium 30 ml bottle is one of our most popular models, belonging to our leading range, the Premium line. Made of thick glass, it has a raised base that enhances its content. With a height of 82 mm and a diameter of 35 mm, it has a classic shape appreciated by many clients. This container has a GCMI 24/410 neck finish. You can order it transparent or colored. You can also pair it with a pump or a fully recyclable 24/410 dropper.

In plastic, the Eclipse fla-ecl200 bottle is one of our flagship products. It has a capacity of 200 ml and is made of adflex. Adflex consists of a triple layer of polyethylene. With its silky and opalescent appearance, this bottle can hold even slightly “aggressive” products.

To accompany these bottles, we offer a range of accessories. In cosmetics, the dropper has become omnipresent, and we also have a wide choice of them. On some models, you may prefer a roll-on that applies your product while massaging the treated area. These single-ball or triple-ball roll-ons come in various designs. The balls are made of metal or plastic. The tips adapt to all possible bottle volumes.

In both cosmetics and pharmacy, droppers play an important role. They serve as both a doser and an applicator. Our droppers are made of recycled materials and adapt according to the height of the bottle and the dimensions of the neck.

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Glass Bottle 30 ml

Embalforme has been designing packaging solutions since 1992. Leading names in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries rely on our services for their product packaging needs. In addition to glass jars and bottles, we also produce models made of metal or plastic. Our manufacturing procedures ensure the quality of our containers and the perfection of their finish. In addition to the containers themselves, we also offer various caps and accessories.

Different Types of Embalforme Glass Bottles:

As suppliers of cosmetic bottles, we offer them in various sizes, volumes, and materials. In the case of the 30 ml glass bottle, we have a variety of models available. Made of thick glass, our Premium bottles, formerly known as Classic Deluxe, are available in sizes of 150 ml, 100 ml, 50 ml, and 30 ml with GCMI 24/410 neck finishes. They can be transparent, frosted, tinted, or lacquered.

Of course, our product range can be expanded according to your wishes. If you need specific developments, we will be happy to create them for you. Our team has the qualifications to create all types of containers.

The Creation Process at Embalforme:

The manufacturing of glass bottles is one of our specialties. If you are undecided about which bottle to choose when placing your order, we can provide you with objective advice. Our team listens carefully to your needs and analyzes them, then proposes the best solution for you.

Once the model or models are defined, we create prototypes and establish the technical production plan. After obtaining your approval, we proceed to the production phase. It begins with the approval of the first pieces produced (BAT – good to print). This is followed by mass production. Finishing is one of the key steps. This is where we decorate the bottles according to the clients’ specifications. Sandblasting, lacquering, screen printing, pad printing, hot stamping, metallization… everything is possible. Each container undergoes a series of quality controls before leaving our factories.

You don’t need to place a large order with us. Whether it’s custom or standard, we produce your bottles in small or large quantities. If needed, we also handle delivery. We have sophisticated storage facilities designed to maintain the integrity of these containers.

Accessories for Embalforme Bottles:

A bottle alone is unusable. It needs to be paired with a cap or other sealing accessory. In this area, we have a wide range of options. For the 30 ml glass bottles mentioned above, we offer smooth or ribbed polypropylene caps, in black, white, gold, or any color of your choice.

The use of a roll-on has become essential in the cosmetics industry. It is more environmentally friendly than spray, more economical, and more practical than creams. Indeed, it provides only the necessary dose. For these reasons, we complement some of our luxury glass bottles with several roll-on models. There are different sizes with one or three balls, made of plastic or metal.

With the exponential growth of serums in cosmetics, the most common accessory is the dropper. Especially in pharmacies, this dropper is useful. Adapted to the necks of the bottles, we offer droppers with a push-button or teat cap. The pipette is always made of stretched glass, and its length is adapted to the capacity of the container. Its tip can be round, elongated, conical, or even without a tip, depending on the need. The finishing skirts vary from black to white, through aluminum or colored metal caps.

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For over 30 years, our group Embalforme (Embalforme, Aberconcept, and Embaltec) has been designing various packaging solutions for professionals in the cosmetics industry. We manufacture numerous containers for beauty products using different materials: metal, plastic, and glass. Thanks to our expertise and creativity, many companies entrust us with the realization of their projects.


Our expertise in packaging design

In our daily mission, our motto can be summed up in four words: listen, advise, react, and quality. Since 1992, our group has specialized in packaging for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, focusing on glass, plastic, and metal materials. We offer a range of products including jars, bottles, tubes, etc. In addition to containers, we also provide accessories such as closures, seals, spatulas, and more.

We follow a well-established process from product conception to delivery. To bring our clients’ ideas to life, our team demonstrates creativity and ingenuity. The overall project roadmap includes various stages: needs analysis, technical planning, prototype design, manufacturing (prototypes and series production), product decoration, quality control, storage, and shipping.

As manufacturers of custom cosmetic jars, we take into account your requirements by combining technical expertise and adaptability. Our aim is to provide answers to all your questions and fulfill your every desire. Whether your order is for custom or standard products, in small or large quantities, with staggered or non-staggered deliveries, we are capable of meeting your needs.


The quality policy of Embalforme

As a manufacturer and supplier of luxury cosmetic jars, our quality policy ensures monitoring at every stage of production. Each division in our operations chain conducts rigorous controls to ensure the realization of our clients’ projects. Each of our employees takes responsibility for the quality of their work. Their commitment is to follow directives and instructions to the letter, adhering to this quality policy.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our ability to innovate, diversify, and above all, our capacity to adapt to any situation and react swiftly. Our 25 years of existence have made us confident in mastering our expertise. We can optimize our productivity and strive for zero-defect quality.


Our various products

In our role as manufacturers of glass cosmetic jars, we design all kinds of containers, available in different colors and various sizes:

  • Premium” jars stand out due to the material they are made of: thick, high-quality glass. They boast exceptional transparency and have a smooth wall, preventing impurity deposits. These jar models beautifully showcase their contents. To enhance their aesthetic appeal, they can be accompanied by customizable accessories such as caps and seals. If necessary, we can also pair them with special and original lids.
  • Transparent standard glass jars cater to diverse needs and expectations. They are available with lacquered or transparent finishes, with the choice of model entirely dependent on the customer.
  • Cosmetic jars with metal caps: these can be adorned with aluminum caps finished in silver, gold, or colored. We aim to match the plastic or glass jar with its lid for an exceptional and luxurious appearance. This type of jar is also available in matte or glossy finishes.
  • Square jars made of thick plastic: their aesthetic appeal is derived from their robust thickness. They come with a lid to give them a more elegant design.

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