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The Embalforme Group has been offering its loyal customers effective packaging solutions for over twenty years. We manufacture various types of packaging from different materials. We are active in the production of glass and transparent plastic bottles for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. These classes of containers are impressive for their characteristics and advantages.

Embalforme: a producer of transparent glass and plastic bottles

Embalforme is fully conversant with the techniques for manufacturing various types of packaging, whatever the material used. We accompany our customers throughout the realisation of their project, from the creation stage to production.

We stand out for our responsiveness and, in addition, our entire team is at your service. Moreover, we offer innovative, personalised ideas that are particularly suited to all companies.

Presenting cosmetic and pharmaceutical products in the right bottles

Whether the field is cosmetics or pharmaceuticals, selling a product always requires good packaging. Whatever the type of packaging (tube, box, jar, etc.), it must preserve the qualities of its contents and prevent any spillage.

The packaging also displays all brand and product information such as composition, warnings and certification. It should also provide a better user experience.

  • Our glass bottles

Glass always gives a touch of elegance, even luxury to its contents. Moreover, it is a material that is resistant over time. The production of glass bottles by Embalforme always takes aesthetics into account.

One of the reasons for creating packaging is to reveal a brand’s identity while demonstrating its ethical and ecological values. Indeed, glass is the most favoured material, as it is completely recyclable. In addition, our glass bottles offer maximum comfort during use.

  • Our plastic bottles

When it comes to packaging, plastic is an excellent choice because of its many properties. It is strong, but at the same time easy to convert. It can be used for all kinds of packaging, mainly because of its versatility. Embalforme mainly uses three types of plastic to design its bottles :

  • Polyethylene (PE), which belongs to the simplest and least expensive polymers.
  • Glycolised Polyethylene Terephthalate (PETG), which is amorphous (100% recyclable) and therefore meets environmental requirements.

Our different types of glass bottles


  • The thick glass bottles are the first products offered by Embalforme. They are available in different finishes, namely : amber, frosted, square and transparent or coloured. These models also have the particularity of being more attractive. Depending on your needs, you can choose from several capacities : 30, 50, 100 and 150 ml.
  • Opal glass bottles are the second model presented by Embalforme. Their main characteristic is the protection of their contents from UV rays. This type of bottle also gives a fresh impression and has a certain purity. This model can be combined with our polypropylene or thermoset caps or droppers. We offer our opal glass bottles for cosmetics in 15 ml.
  • Drawn glass bottles are the third type of container we produce. They are characterised by their transparency and lightness. These models are compatible with a dropper with a push cap and a roll-on tip, among others. These stretch glass bottles have a capacity of between 5 and 30 ml.


The different shapes of plastic bottles

  • Embalforme designs round plastic bottles, available in 125, 200 and 400 ml. These containers are particularly suitable for pharmaceutical products.
  • We also produce oblong models (elongated) with rounded corners. This model is, however, a good packaging for perfumery.
  • In addition, we create oval plastic bottles, which stand out due to their contemporary and neutral appearance. These models are available in various capacities and are intended for cosmetic products.
  • Embalforme also designs eclipse-shaped plastic bottles. It mainly offers containers with a capacity of 250 and 500 ml. These bottles combine aesthetics and practicality. They are suitable for both cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.