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For more than 25 years, the Embalforme Group has excelled in finding solutions for cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging. With our long experience in this field, we are able to design quality packaging such as bottles, tubes and airless. We also manufacture thick glass cosmetic jars with the various accessories associated with them.


Packaging, glass and the world of cosmetics

In the world of cosmetics, packaging is an essential element. It is one of the reasons why consumers adopt a brand. Indeed, almost often the buyer’s first impression of a product comes from its packaging. Thus, the packaging ensures the right presentation on the shelf. In addition, it provides customers with all the relevant information about the contents. The container must also be worthy of the product. To demonstrate this quality, brands choose packaging made of noble materials such as thick glass cosmetic jars.

In addition to this importance of the container, the material used in its manufacture is indeed essential. Glass, for example, has several advantages. It is made from natural minerals, including sand, soda ash and limestone. This inert material does not react to heat or cold. Glass also retains its quality even after repeated processing. Moreover, it is neutral and stable. It does not transfer any chemical substances to its contents.

With imagination and creativity, glass can be shaped in many different ways (shapes, colours, decorations, etc.). In addition, the acquisition of maximum product volume is ensured due to the fact that this material is almost impossible to deform during filling.


The “Premium” jar from Embalforme

Embalforme designs several ranges of packaging, including the “Premium” jar. The latter is made of pure pressed glass with a high thickness and is therefore very solid. This jar belongs to the top of the range models. They are available in sizes from 5 to 200 ml. Their diameters also vary from 29 to 92 mm, with heights ranging from 22 to 57 mm. These jars are made of glass or lacquered glass. They are equipped with a special ring or a ring referenced GCMI 400/40, GCMI 60/400, GMCI 48/400 or GCMI 89/400.

Our Premium jars are transparent with a smooth, straight inner wall that prevents dirt deposits. They also enhance their contents with their “magnifying effect” and weight. In addition, this model takes aesthetics into account and can be combined with special lids. These are specifically developed to enhance the value of the jar. If the lid is lacquered, this will increase its brightness and colour rendition.

The different accessories that go with a glass jar

  • The lid is the first accessory that accompanies a thick glass cosmetic jar. It is used to close and decorate it. We offer 7 references, each with a different look : gold, black, metallic, etc.
  • The seal is the second accessory to be combined with a pot. It represents an additional barrier against external dirt. Our lids are made of APET. This makes them resistant to water and mineral acids.
  • The spatula is the third tool to be used with a glass jar. It helps in the removal of the product, without contaminating it. This item can be flat, curved or spoon-shaped

Calling on Embalforme

The Embalforme Group is an expert in packaging solutions. If some of our customers buy the packaging presented in our catalogue, others make special requests. Indeed, we can produce customised cosmetic jars. To do this, we carry out an in-depth analysis of your needs. We advise you on the choice of the right container. We then design prototypes and models. In addition, we offer various decorations and finishes by observing various specific processes. These include frosting, lacquering, screen printing, metallization, etc. Before each delivery, the packaging is subjected to strict quality controls.