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Specialists in packaging, Embalforme works with the European leader in tubes, Albéa. We not only manufacture cosmetic tubes but also produce mouthpieces adapted to their future contents and customisable accessories. With this partner, who is developing new production methods, we are looking for innovative solutions and are always improving the quality of our tubes.

In addition to the items available in our catalogue, we also take specific orders. Embalforme can provide you with solutions for small quantities

The partnership with Albéa

The Embalforme group was created in the early 90s. We specialise in packaging solutions for the cosmetics industry. We work with materials such as glass, plastic and metal. We also manufacture various accessories. They complement our packaging.

As we are always looking for customer satisfaction, we have joined forces with Albéa in the manufacture of tubes, among other things.


Albéa is the world leader in the manufacture of cosmetic tubes. It has the innovative capacity to solve its customers’ problems. Whatever the specificity of the request, Albea can meet it. As proof of its expertise, one of its products won the “Plastic Tube of the Year” award. This is an award given by ETMA or the European Tube Manufacturers Association.


Together, Albéa and Embalforme manufacture a wide variety of cosmetic tubes and the accessories that go with them. We adapt to meet your requirements whether it is about size, shape or material. We take on all orders as quickly as possible.

We can produce a small number of packs quickly, as well as deliver a large series production in stages. We can offer tips, caps and closures. In terms of customisation, we also carry out specific finishing touches.

The different Embalforme tubes

With Albéa, Embalforme manufactures cosmetic tubes of variable shape and length according to customers’ requirements. Our basic products are round or oval. We offer two distinct types of tube : plastic and laminate.

Our group also offers cosmetic packaging made of polyethylene. As we are committed to environmental protection, we make every effort to use recycled materials.

Our catalogue tubes range in diameter from 13.5 to 60 mm and in volume from 2.5 to 500 ml.


In addition to protecting their contents, laminated and polyfoil tubes have an aesthetic quality. They are particularly pleasant to the touch and make it easier to apply the product they contain. In the field of cosmetics, customers will particularly appreciate this property. These models have a diameter ranging from 19 to 50 mm and their useful capacity varies from 10 to 250 ml.


Accessories for Embalforme tubes

When it comes to beauty products, application is at least as important as the quality of the product. For this reason, Embalforme has designed a large number of accessories, particularly applicators for its cosmetic tubes.

In partnership with Albéa, we produce screw, pump or break-off tips. According to your needs, the tubes can be associated with cannulas or presented as lip-sticks.

We also produce roll-on applicators.

As far as caps are concerned, we have polypropylene screw caps and metal caps. Their refined appearance enhances your product. These accessories can be customised to your taste, with your logo for example. We also manufacture designer caps that serve as decoration for the container, i.e. for gouache tubes.


For the more classic caps, we have standard or specific shapes. There are also flip tops. There are also sealable caps with matching lids and tamper-evident caps.

We also offer massaging tips in different models: plastic or metal roll-on, pin point soft, triball elipse or round and others.


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