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The Embalforme group, created in 1993, specialises in the manufacture and distribution of cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging. Our team of professionals has the necessary know-how to shape glass, plastic and metal to create all kinds of packaging. We offer our customers a wide range of jars, tubes and bottles. We can customise the design and colour of our products according to the customer’s requirements. In addition to containers, we also design caps, lids, flow reducer for bottles and many more.


An order taken care of by Embalforme

When a client calls on our services, we do everything to satisfy them. Our team listens to them and explains their needs. If they already have a clear idea of what kind of packaging they need, we quickly get to work.

If you are not yet convinced about the type of packaging that best suits your product, our experts are at your disposal. As a packaging solution provider, we know the advantages and disadvantages of each type of container. We can advise you on the right one for you and whether you need a particular cosmetic closure or a bottle flow restrictor. We can help you decide which material to use. Before we start mass production, we always make a prototype. If it meets your requirements, we will produce the quantity you need and deliver it to you as soon as possible.

You should also know that we master several types of finishing touches to decorate and embellish the containers. Before a product leaves our factories, we subject it to a strict quality control. This method of working has earned us the loyalty of many professional cosmetic and pharmaceutical customers.


Embalforme capping accessories

The packaging supplied by Embalforme is complete. In addition to the container, we make the lids and the adapted accessories. Concerning jars, we have a wide range of metal and plastic cosmetic lids. They can be completed with a polystyrene lid if necessary. These lids also play a decorative role. Whatever material we use, we can give them any colour you like. We can even colour the metal if you wish.

As far as the bottles are concerned, we use a variety of closures. There are the basic polypropylene caps. Black, white, gold or metallic, the choice of colour is yours. They can be covered with an aluminium cap, smooth or ribbed. They are exceptionally leakproof. Then there are the droppers with push button or teat. They all have a drawn glass pipette and a carefully finished skirt.

As for the tubes, we have red, black, purple or white caps. There are also classic caps, flip top, sealable, tamper evident or metal capped. We can also make specific orders according to your requirements.


A reducer for a bottle

A stopper or reducer is placed over the opening of a container bottle. This prevents external impurities from coming into contact with the product in the container. The reducer allows a finer flow and is held in place by the upper walls of the container. The reducer is covered by a lid or bottle stopper. In general, bottle stoppers are made of polypropylene, which gives them their rigidity. Unlike the lid, which is glued to the opening, the stopper is detachable.

As Embalforme has been specialising in packaging for over 25 years, we know how to make all the accessories. We even make flat or spoon-shaped spatulas for mixing cosmetic creams. They are available in white or transparent and are the perfect accompaniment to our jars.

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